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Allison's Clubhouse Learning Center


COVID-19 Protocol

-HEPA grade air filters installed in every building in order to help limit any airborne matter.
-Disinfectant cleaning throughout the day in all buildings.

-Limiting class sizes.

-Social distancing and mask protocol for staff and guests.

-Temperature checks for children and staff.
-Hand sanitizer applied per individual upon entering any building and throughout the day.

-If an individual tests positive we are following CDC sanitation guidelines and will shut that room down for 48 hrs.
-If you feel sick please stay home.

-Practice good hygiene by washing hands

Any person that enters this facility is in agreement with the above safety protocol and are responsible for following while in our facility. These safety measures do not guarantee a person will not contract an illness but our safety measures will definitely cut down on the chance of it spreading. Please practice these safety measures when away from our facility and always be diligent when around others. As we all know you can contract an illness from anywhere and its impossible to know when it happens; all we can do is our part and hopefully you will do your part as well.

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