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COVID-19 Protocol

We are taking preventive measures to assure the well-being of both our staff as well as our children.

Our staff has been encouraged to wash both their hands as well as the hands of the children on a more frequent basis.  Also, as soon as we can secure it, we will have hand sanitizer available  in every building and in each classroom.  This product seems to be flying off of the shelves but we are looking for one of our vendors to order it for us quickly.

And, as normal practice, our staff is encouraged to stay home when they become ill and stay home until symptom free. Along with that, we ask that you take any illness type symptom with either you or your children seriously and stay home.  It just takes one to spread this virus and it takes everyone on board to keep us all well.

In general, our buildings will be sanitized daily and as needed with an extra step taken at the end of each day to wipe down all surfaces-tables, counter tops, door handles, telephones, water fountains, etc. with bleach/water combination and or Clorox wipes, another product that is currently hard to secure but we should be receiving a large order next week.

**Starting Monday, March 16, we are going to try to prevent as many bodies from entering the preschool building (the Clubhouse)as we can.  We ask that you walk your children into the front office ans a staff member will escort them to their classroom - at pick up we will bring the children to the front office as you walk in.  We will try this new procedure for a week and see how it goes. We will keep you posted if we extend it.  In the Playhouse (infant center) doff off/pick up procedure is normal.  However parents must sanitize their hands before entering the secured doors and you must wear shoe covers provided before entering the rooms. In the gym, (after school) parent drop off/pick up is normal procedure.  However, make sure you sanitize your hands before entering the gym area, where the children are. **

In addition, we are bringing in a medical grade commercial HEPA air scrubber that will run in the night for 4 weeks throughout the hallway in the preschool.  This cleaner actually filters airborne particles down to .0003 micron.

POSTED: 3/11/20


We want to reassure you we will continue to be open our regular business hours unless otherwise mandated by authorities. As you know we have already implemented a new sanitizing and safety protocol given the heightened alert of the new virus strain.  Precautions will be in place and everyone’s temp will be taken if you plan to go past the lobby of any building. If you arrive after 9:00 am, you must check in at main office for temp check, no matter which building your child belongs. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to maintaining a safe environment for your children and our staff at Allison’s Clubhouse. 
Thank you

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